ИгрыСТРАТЕГИИ Восстание королевств: Потерянный крестовый поход

Скачать Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK (Неограниченное количество драгоценных камней / Полная версия игры)

Скачать Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK (Неограниченное количество драгоценных камней / Полная версия игры)
Название приложения Восстание королевств: Потерянный крестовый поход
Последняя версия
Последнее Обновление
Издатель LilithGames
Требования Android 5.1 Android 5.1
Размер 1.01 Гб
Мод Rise of Kingdoms
Google Playstore Google Playstore

4.5 Оценка (361) Голосов


Rise of Kingdoms MOD APK Real time battle scenarios make games engaging. Clash of Clans’ success allowed other similar titles to gain prominence within the gaming market and soon it had its own genre – but what exactly makes players love Clash of Clans so much – is it its graphics or overall enjoyment that attract them so?

Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade MOD APK, an award-winning strategy game with more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store, allows players to build their own civilization and kingdom from the ground up – magnanimously or dictatorially depending on your leadership preferences; either way you cannot escape battles that await! Are you curious to find out more? Continue reading now!

What Is Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade?

As children, it was always a delight to imagine leading your own people and becoming their leader – these thoughts often led to hours of fun imagination! Now with mobile gaming applications readily available and readily accessible through apps on smartphones and other mobile devices, however, these dreams could quickly be turned into realities!

Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade is an engaging strategy game which gives you the ability to construct your own civilization and turn it into the kingdom you envision for yourself. Here you are free to select any civilization from various options; then reincarnated into one of several characters to investigate lost temples, caves, and lots of mysterious land; at the same time becoming an informant against plans by enemies to attack your kingdom!

Play as some of the iconic generals like Julius Caesar, Sun Tzu or Kusunoki Masashige to add historical intrigue. Not just an action game but more of a survival one too – employ tactics to expand your kingdom while protecting against attacks from enemy armies! Keep reading to gain more knowledge!

Download Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK (Unlimited Gems/Full Game)

Features of Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade

Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade isn’t your average strategy game – this title caters specifically to history enthusiasts or anyone wishing to test their leadership capabilities. If this describes you, read further for its features:

Real time battles – The real beauty of Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade lies in its real time battles, meaning everything happens instantly as it unfolds before your very eyes. When one of your allies are attacked by enemies, sending troops is always useful; additionally you may gain an edge by attacking when enemies are offline – this allows for strategic attacks when playing against a friend online instead. It makes the game truly worthwhile!

Your Own Civilization – In this game, you have 11 unique civilizations from which to select for your people! Each has unique units and architecture as well as special advantages – which makes selecting your favorite early on so important!

Huge World Map – Because everything happens real time, a vast world map makes sense for Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade’s in-game action to take place all on one map! Kingdoms from other players can be seen clearly across this global view with natural obstacles like mountain ranges, rivers and passes providing strategic opportunities. There’s even an infinite zoom feature which seamlessly transitions you from local view into global view with natural obstructions including mountain ranges, rivers and passes so that players can plan attacks to gain victory against rival kingdoms by strategizing about what route is open against you as there’s also an infinite zoom feature which seamlessly transitions you back out into world view from where players can use strategize attacks a kingdom to attack it and achieve victory against all players worldwide – giving Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade all in-game action takes place all on a single map!

Discover New Lands – Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade is set on an expansive world, but most of it remains covered with dense fog, making for the ideal conditions to discover unknown corners, caves and villages, while gathering intelligence for victory! You have ample chances to explore and investigate them as part of Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade’s expansive world!

RPG Commanders – It wouldn’t make much sense for you to lead every military unit on your own in this game; therefore, Sun Tzu himself serves as one of your commanders! Assemble an army and send your historical figures into battles or upgrade their abilities until all have reached level 5.

Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK.

Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade is an epic strategy game designed to test all your knowledge about history – but if you want to quickly become one of its influential leaders, simply download and enjoy!

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